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Mount Isa Irish Club: Irish Association, Mount Isa, Queensland Australia

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The Mt Isa Irish Association formed the Mt Isa Irish Club in 1955.

On 17th March 1955 at the second annual St Patrick’s Day Dinner held at the old Argent Hotel a group of Irishmen discussed the possibility of establishing an Irish club in Mount Isa, Queensland.

A few days later a meeting was held at the BSD clubhouse and the groundwork for the Mount Isa Irish club was laid.

The first Irish club, a very humble galvanized weatherboard building was built and ready for opening for St. Patrick’s Day 1956.

Over the decades since the Irish club has become an integral part of the Mount Isa scene and indeed has developed in to one of its icons. It was never a club just for the Irish. It was for the Irish and their friends. It has always been one of the most cosmopolitan clubs in Australia with its membership including representatives of every nationality that has called Mount Isa home over the past half a century. The Irish club reflects what the city of Mount Isa is, a great place to be.